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Writing as a Therapeutic Tool - Part 1 & 2

Writing as a Therapeutic Tool


Expressive writing practice

for self-awareness, in a confidential and supportive space.


Once this course is full no new members will be able to join

and we will proceed as a closed, confidential and supportive group.

Tuesday 4th May and Tuesday 11th May, 9.30am. 

An MS Teams link will be sent to participants via email on the day of the workshop.




This short experiential course concentrates on writing as creative expression, in a free fall spontaneous style, that helps to allow emotions arise within the body for deeper self-awareness, clarity and understanding. You will be fully supported through each weekly exercise. You will not be asked to share any of your writings. Each workshop will end with a space for reflection about your experience of the session only if you wish to, and feel comfortable enough to do so. The end space will also provide an opportunity for Q&As.


Who is it for?


Anyone wishing to engage in an activity of self-awareness to better understand their own emotional landscape, narrative and behaviour. The experience may help with anxiety, low mood, confusion, dilemma, making decisions – as well as creative writing!


What is the structure?


We will meet for 4 sessions on the agreed day and time for 1-1.5hrs (please allow 1.5hrs). Most of the write will be about an hour and the rest of the time is flexible to accommodate the needs of the group and any extra breaks during the write or time for meditation. Prior knowledge of the exercises, will not be given in order to embrace the moment of surprise and encourage spontaneous creativity. Below is a ‘loose’ outline of the programme:


Week one: Introductions & orientations; Exercise 1; Reflections; Q&As; Check-out.

Week Two: Check-in; Exercise 2; Reflections; Q&As; Check-out

Week Three: Check-in; Exercise 3; Reflections; Q & As; Check-out.

Week Four: Check-in; Exercise 4; Reflections; Q & As; Check-out & endings.


What do you need?


Pens or pencils – whatever you prefer to write with but not an electronic device unless you have a particular disability that requires you need to use one. The pen slows the practice and gives us particular spacial awareness of words on the page. Words are art. So you will need paper or a writing pad. You don’t need anything fancy but can of course indulge yourself with a nice writing journal as you may find you wish to continue the practice! If using loose paper you may to have folder or envelope to keep your work in – it is private to you and you may wish to treat it with respect.


What can I expect?


Each week we will begin the session with a brief hello and check-in where you can say hi to the group and share anything you wish to about how you are feeling in that moment. Some sessions we may begin with 5 mins silent meditation if the group decide they wish to include this activity in the process. I will introduce the topic for writing and you will write for 15minutes at a time. Working in short bursts will stop your hand falling off!


You will hear a bell/chime to let you know to stop the write at that moment and then we will move on to the next thing.


We may take 5minute breaks sometimes to chat/discuss/have a drink/go to the loo!


I will be there to guide you at every part of the process so you don’t have to remember anything!


I have created a ‘break-out room’ so that if anyone feels emotions rising too high, we can chat in private. I will also open the chat box if you have a question about the task.


When we begin each session, I will mute your microphones – zoom doesn’t like too many mics open as it causes feedback. You can raise your hand and unmute yourself when you wish to speak during discussion times. I find this very amenable to also slowing down the process for discussion. You are kindly asked not to unmute and speak when the group is writing, unless you are in the break-out room with me.




We are engaging in a deeply personal experience together and confidentiality is paramount to this process. As stated above you will not be asked to read out your writing. However, as discussion takes place you are free to share any thoughts and feelings about the process you have experienced, therefore it is extremely gracious, as well as ethical, to value each other’s sharing and not talk about it outside the workshop. By all means share you own experience if you wish, but please refrain from talking about any other group member’s ‘stuff’. This is an act of care, kindness, and love.




I look forward to meeting you

and wish you a good experience on this workshop.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
9:30am - 11:00am
Time Zone:
UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time (change)
Online - MS Teams
Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough
  Online - MS Teams  

Registration is required. There are 10 seats available.

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